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A Letter From Joan Teresa

Greetings, my friends.  I wish to thank all of you for your many orders.  You may expect the same good and prompt service in the future as you have for thepast twenty-four years.  All of the items in this website are  genuine and of the finest quality.  All are exactly as stated and guaranteed to please.  Everything in this website  is in stock.  If, by popular demand, we temporarily run out of stock, you will immediately receive a credit or prompt refund if you so desire.  All orders are filled immediately upon receiving and are mailed out the next day, when possible. All of our oils, incense & powders are hand blended by us to the old formulas in my possession, only when we receive your order.Many items in this website are wholesale priced. My knowledge is valuable and my time is limited.  In order for me to answer your personal letters and give you personal advice, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Because of the many requests I have been receiving for special petitions, I have instituted a special Novena for you.  If you care to participate along with others, please write your request or problem a clean plain piece of white paper in your own hand.  Also, your birthdate.  I will then place it on my personal altar before my perpetually burning Novena candle and pray along with you in my daily devotions.  This perpetual Novena candle was lit by me by "drawing down the sun" on the vernal equinox and it is kept perpetually burning.  This perpetual Novena candle was first lit and dedicated to the people who have asked my help.  I will not accept harmful requests.  A donation  per request will be accepted to help cover the high cost of candles. Please write and let me know when your request has been granted or your problem has been resolved ,  so I may remove your name and make room for others.

Greatest Blessings,

Joan Teresa,
Doctor of Divinity


Special Request Rituals

For those of you that need help and cannot, for some reason, perform your own ritual,  I will perform a special personal ritual on your behalf. I will select the correct day and time and the suitable ritual. State your problems or one request per donation. Please send birthdate. I will not accept harmful requests. Items I feel you should use to help yourself will also be mailed to you. Those special personal rituals take much time, thought and knowledge.

$75.00 Donation

Please write out your problem or need and your birthdate. Everything that you will require will be personally selected and sent to you along with your complete personalized instructions. Each one is given my personal thoughts and attention.

$40.00 Donation

"Your Lucky Number" & Lucky Reading
Send your full name & complete birthdate.

$20.00 Donation