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Occult and psychic anointing oils. 
Hand blended private oils made from ancient formulas in my possession of Wiccan and New Orleans tradition.  Most of these formulas are at least a hundred years old and some are several centuries old.  These occult and psychic oils are used to anoint the body as a power perfume, for dressing candles and other objects, in the bath, to attract favorable vibrations, blessings of objects, repelling evil influences, purifying, and other purposes.  An important part of ritual ceremonies are oils which are prepared and concentrated to do certain works.  My Power Oils are specially formulated and ideal for the impossible when others fail.  These oils are the best quality, full strength, long lasting formulas available.  If you do not know which oil to choose, write out your problem or need and I will personally select the correct oil for you.

These items below are sold as curios only.
Do not consume internally unless otherwise stated.
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All Items Sold As Curios Only
I feel it most important to point out that most magicians, witches and occultists in general, believe in the law of Karma, which states that anything you do will come back to you three times over, whether it is for good  or evil. So, before you work any negative magic directed against someone, consider well.