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Informative Catalog
$3.00 Postage / Handling


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These items below are sold as curios only.
Do not consume internally unless otherwise stated.
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Overseas Postage depending on weight.
Email for your overseas rate. US Funds only.

Make your own charm bag, Luck, Money, Love, Hexing
Red Flannel              




Black Velvet


Natural  Lodestones

Magnetic, Powerful

$2.00 Each

I recommend you carry 2, one to attract good and one to repel evil. Two in a bag.
$5.00  for you dressed

Extra Large $5.00 each

Black Cat Bone

Gambler's Good Luck
Bat Eye

Financial Security
Black Cat Eye

Luck Charm & Protection
Swallow's Heart

Powerful Love Charm
Bat's Heart

Attracts Luck When Gambling

Magnetic Sand
(For Dressing Lodestones, etc.)

Regular Magnetic Sand

$1.25 pkg.
Gold Magnetic Sand

$1.75 pkg.
Silver Magnetic Sand

$1.75 pkg.

Misc.  1   2   3

Black Salt
Sprinkle to keep away bad neighbors
$1.50 pk.

Dragons Blood Ink

Dove's Blood Ink

Parchment Paper
1/4 x 6

9 x 12

Crows Quill Pens






Real Horseshoes For Luck
These are real shoes, not replicas! They come to you clean and shiny, ready to put up over your door. The horseshoe is regarded as a bringer of good luck. Hang above doorways to insure your luck doest run out.
$4.75 Each

Floor Sweeps
Sprinkle outside the entrance
to your home or business.
May also be used inside
$3.50 each

Lucky Sweep

Love Attraction                            Sweep

Better Business Sweep

Uncrossing, Unhexing

Money Drawing Sweep

Protection Sweep

Lucky Blueing
Blue Balls

.85 per packet 
Use as a spiritual bath or as
a controlling agent

4 Thieves Vinegar .... 4oz

Graveyard Dust.........1oz.


Rose of Jericho
This resurrection Plant comes to life and turns green when placed in water, It is said this plant will erase BAD influences and bring peace to the home , power and abundance.

Devil Catchers  
Take the cap off the bottle and leave it open in your room to catch evil spirits that may be bothering you. Replace cap after 1 week and bury the bottle.

Lucky little Buddha

charms added & dressed for you for luck. Rub often 2 1/2 in.tall.