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Black Cohosh
The origin of root and herb sorcery is unknown, but the ancient Romans, Greeks, Celts, Druids, Arabs, Egyptians, Chinese, Africans, Indians and others, knew of the magical powers of roots, barks, herbs, plants, woods and berries. Many herbs are mentioned in the Bible. Man has carried roots and herbs as amulets and talismans for protection against evil, and many believe they can heal, bring good fortune, arouse a lover, bring back a wandering husband or wife, and make wishes come true. Remember, there are many different spells for most herbs, and each root or herb can be used for may various purposes, all of which cannot even begin to be mentioned here.

These items below are sold as curios only.
Do not consume internally unless otherwise stated. Some Packets will vary in size, as some herbs are rare and much more expensive.
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St. Johnswort
Hang over the
bed to dream
of your future
Shave Grass
Protects the home,
warding off all

Salt Peter
A diuretic for
animals, sexual depressant
for humans
Shepherds Purse
Said to draw
money, friends,
and good luck

Sampson Root
Carry in bag to
regain male vigor

Slippery Elm
Sprinkle on voodoo
doll and bury to
stop gossip
Mix with any
incense and
burn for quick

Place in a conjure
bag and carry to
lead one towards

Wrap in white
cloth and carry
to bring sexuality
Snake Root
Carried to give
one power over
A good luck
charm, add to
any mojo bag
Southern John The Conqueror
Protective and
lucky root
Saw Palmetto
Keep in the
home to ward
off all misfortune

Southern Wood
Mix with Devil's
Bit and sprinkle
 across entrance
to home to
reverse any hex
or jinx
Women wear
to keep mate
safe from other's
Solomon Seal
A pinch in all
colors will exorcise
evil spirits

Sea Wrack
Burn in paper
upon which you
write a wish &
burn for fast
Spanish Moss
Place near an
enemies home
to bring them
bad luck

Senega Snake
Anoint with
Controlling Oil
and dominate
all you meet

Stuff in pillow or
mattress for
protection while

Senna Leaves
Anoint the thighs
of a male to keep
 them faithful
Add spoonful to
any herb bath to
enhance its effects
Senna Pods
Carry in a love
 bag to entice
Squaw Root
Sprinkle near
foot of bed to
cure frigidity
Sesame Seed
Draws opportunities
for success in
business and
on the job
Star Anise
A highly prized
lucky talisman
for every mojo bag

Rune Sticks
One of the most ancient methods of fortune telling. Any beginner can master this method. You receive four Rune Sticks and full instructions.

Amazing Pendulum
Test your subconscious powers for predicting future events with crystal pendulum. Just ask a question...everything you need is included, pendulum, instructions, and answer board.

Home Protection Kit
Authentic hawthorn branches (tress long known for protection) plus a protection oil. Anoint the haw weekly with the protection oil. Place the hawthorn twigs around in the home in flower pots, outside in the ground, next to your doorways, etc.
$4.95 set
Six Haw twigs plus the oil.

Star Wort
Burn with mojo
incense for making
wishes come true fast

Burn with  Jinx
Removing Incense
to dispell crossed condition
Draws good fortune
into the life of the
one who carries this
Passions rise
quickly when this
is nearby in any room
Burn outside the
door to drive away
all evil influences

Ancients believed
this would make
one's every wish
come true
Mix with black
candle wax and
bury in a rival's yard

Burn with
sandalwood incense
to overcome any
hex spell
Place in a lover's
pocket or purse
to ensure loyalty
and fidelity
Have power over
all others by
wearing a bit in
each shoe
Place near man's
clothes and he
will remain with you
Wahoo Bark
Used in uncrossing
one who is possessed

Burn with incense
to encourage the
coming of good news

White Oak
Mix with hair
cuttings and
keep to make
love endure
Burn in the home
to keep all in the
house healthy

Wild Yam
Soak in rainwater
and wash hands
to increase healing
Tonka Beans
Share a pair with
a friend to assure
 harmony forever
Wild Cherry
Mix with lover's
Incense and burn
to entice a lover
Money is allegedly
attracted towards
this root

Wishing Beans
Make a wish on
one and carry
secretly for 7 days
2 for .50
Trumpet Weed
Sew into red bag
and wear to protect
against accidents
Witch Hazel
Alleviates heartaches,
dulls passion,
allays sorrow
Place over each
window and door
to destroy evil

Witch's Burr
Sorcerers dust this
oddity with Goofer
Dust and place it
where an enemy
will walk on it and
cause serious
Uva Ursi
Mix with Meditation
Incense to increase
one's perceptions
Witch's Grass
Sprinkle on images
to injure or kill
Use as graveyard
dirt in hexing and
crossing spells
Wonder Of The World
Favorite occult root
keeps conditions
Wood Betony
Add Fast Luck
Incense for extra
quick results

Protects against
death or injury
when carried in a
red bag
Place under pillow
and dream of one's
true love
Yaw Root
Draws romantic
vibrations toward
the carrier
Yellow Dock
Steep and wash
door knobs to
draw business
Yerba Mate
Brew into tea and
anoint thighs to
increase sexuality

Yerba Santa
Holy herb carried for spiritual strength and blessings

Limited Amounts Available                         
The Rare Adam & Eve Roots...
Not Imitation
Genuine, not the false. Two roots, male and female. These roots are said to magically maintain the bond between two lovers.It is said they can draw back together a man and woman who have drifted apart. Simply write the name of the lover who has drifted away, on a piece of parchment, along with your own anointing it with adam & eve oil. Wrap the parchment around the joined roots and carry in a small bag on your person until your loved one returns
                        and eve
$5.50 A  Pair
Adam & Eve Oil...
Root, Oil, Bag & Parchment...
$10.00 A set

Power Roots
Lucky Hand Roots
This rare herb is a classic
"Voodoo" good luck herb, It is said to have spirits attendant upon it to give one a helping hand.

Hi John The Conqueror
Carry for victory against all odds.

Reg. size $2.75

Extra Large $4.00
Chewing John
Carry in the pocket while
looking for a job. Draws

Low John
Protection & Luck.


Has many, many uses.
Called the wonder of the
worldroot. Protect against harm. It is said to cause money  to double.
Witches dearly love this plant, sometimes called Mandragora.

$2.75 packet

Lucky Buckeyes
Carry this to ward off rheumatism and bring good luck.
.50 each

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