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The origin of root and herb sorcery is unknown, but the ancient Romans, Greeks, Celts, Druids, Arabs, Egyptians, Chinese, Africans, Indians and others, knew of the magical powers of roots, barks, herbs, plants, woods and berries. Many herbs are mentioned in the Bible. Man has carried roots and herbs as amulets and talismans for protection against evil, and many believe they can heal, bring good fortune, arouse a lover, bring back a wandering husband or wife, and make wishes come true. Remember, there are many different spells for most herbs, and each root or herb can be used for may various purposes, all of which cannot even begin to be mentioned here.

These items below are sold as curios only.
Do not consume internally unless otherwise stated. Some Packets will vary in size, as some herbs are rare and much more expensive.

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Rub on back of neck to
bring quick peace of mind

Iceland Moss
To cause confusion mix with Ju Ju Powder and sprinkle on enemies clothes or property
Carry a piece to court for a favorable verdict

Indian Arrowroot
To catch a liar keep this in the room. The one who lied will cough soon after they've spoken untruths     
Potent charm against witchcraft when kept in the home
Indian Tobacco
Burn with Peace Incense to calm troubled ones

Ginger Root
Carry this and excitement and good times will surely follow
Indigo Blue Balls
Add one to each bath for many blessings

Goat's Leaves
Bestows will power and know how to the owner
Irish Moss
Place under rugs for good fortune in the home
Goat's Rue Herb
Wrap in a seal of Arielis and carry so that no one can refuse  your requests or wishes
Mix with incense and burn for winning court battles

Golden Bough
Keep in purse or pocket when looking for love
Jamaica Ginger
Soak in Winner's Circle Oil to assure winnings
Gota Kola
For those who want good health, vigor and vitality
Add to Love Drops to heighten oil's intensity
Grains Of Paradise
One of the most popular lucky charms
Job's Tears
Carry seven for good luck or use for wishing
Gravel Root
Always carry with you when applying for a job
Joe Pie
One who carries this will be favored by all he meets
Guinea Pepper
Said to break up marriages and create strife
John  The Conqueror
A potent charm for victory against all odds

Carried into another's home can bring destruction

Juniper Berries
Carry before sexual encounters to increase potency

Heal All
Promotes good health and improves the mind
Kava Kava
Place in coffin to assist the soul toward heaven
Heart's Ease
Burn with Lover's Incense to strengthen love vibrations

Insures safety for sailors, seamen, and all those who travel

Keep in home to dispel melancholia, mania, madness
Khus Khus
Add to bath, makes one irresistible to the opposite sex
Helping Hand
Wrap in Seal of Jesus for constant divine assistance
King Of The Woods
Brings confidence in times of great pressure

Place on forehead for relief of occasional headache

King Solomon
Hold in hand when making decisions to insure wisdom

High John Root
Powerful gambling charm, bigger winnings.
Xtra large $5.00
Knot Weed
Mix with melted wax and burn to destroy an enemy

To make a man be true, sprinkle this in his pockets
Kola Nuts
Soothes the nerves and calms the mind if carried

Holy Herb
Add to bath water for healing and protection

Lady's Slipper
Bury with a picture of a loved one to draw them to you
Restful sleep is assured if this is under one's pillow
To draw a lover near, wear some near the heart
Place by  the bed to aid in the healing of a sick person
Lemon Grass
For lustrous hair rinse with a tea of this

Horse Chestnut
Carried to alleviate pains of arthritis
Lemon Verbena
Brings success in the arts to those who carry it
Brings strength to the weak, and repels evil forces
Licorice Root
Mix with Controlling Incense for added power

Recommended for the bath before doing occult work

Life Everlasting
A charm against illness, and to prolong life

  Rose Soap

Use to Draw Love
2.75 each

Jasmine Soap
Stimulate the
Man In Your Life

2.75 each

Cotton Drawstring Bags  3 x 5
for teas
These bags also make excellent herbal bath sachet holders!
4 for 2.00
12 for 6.00

Life Root
Carried to prevent many
diseases and to assure health

Oregon Grape Root
Carry in a red bag with Seal Of Fire to  gather the fruits of the earth, influence,power,popularity

Burn with Fire of Passion
Incense to entice many lovers

Orris Root
A love symbol, carried to attract the opposite sex
Lion's Tooth
Soak for 6 days and
sprinkle on the 7th
day for year's luck

Palma Christi Bean
Keep in the home in sealed bottle to protect the premises against witchcraft, Change once a month on first day.

Little John Chew
Brings good fortune to all who carry it
Sprinkle a love doll weekly to add spice to your love life
Peace, quiet, contentment reigns where this is sprinkled
Carry with Seal of Rab Caleb to assure good health
Encourages pleasant thoughts and memories to the wearer
Passion Flower
Strew around doorway to keep jealousy away

Place in the bath water to increase personal magnetism
Burn with Commanding Incense to break up affairs
Love Herbs
Hang a bag of these over the door for a peaceful home

Peace Plant
Ends confusion, strife, and quarrels in the home.
$2.95 each
Low John The Conqueror
Wrap in a bill to grow more money
Pearl Moss
Good spirits prevail in the home where this is kept
Said to energize the brain and restore one's sexual power
Carried to bring good luck

Mix with Controlling Incense and burn for quicker results

Keeps things harmonious by sprinkling every nine days

Spread beneath mattress for marital bliss

Sprinkle on two lovers to arouse passion between them
Maiden Hair
Said to bring you grace, beauty and love
Carry with Seal of Fortune for making profitable deals
Main In The Ground
Powerful southern Voodoo lucky charm
Carry to cause others to bend themselves to your will
"Wonder of the World" protects from all harm
Rub on skin to cool, soothe, and alleviate pain
Add to bath water to win respect and admiration from others
Poke Root
Mix with wax and throw into water to make enemy move

Carry to detect witches who cannot abide the odor
Insures peaceful sleep and aids in assuaging grief
Add to children's bath to protect them from harm
Prickly Ash
Powerful love charm when carried in red bag
Master of the Woods
Sprinkle for courage and protection

Stuff these seeds in red bag with your unwanted friends photo, hide it away, and you will not be bothered anymore
Sprinkle this whenever you wish spirits to appear

Pumpkin Seed
To be free of one's enemies power, bury with foe's name written on parchment backwards
Mastic Gum PWD
Adds potency and power to any incense
Purple Dulce
Keep in jar of vinegar for harmony in the home
May Apple
Carry with your money and you'll never be broke
Pussywillow Bark
To keep a mate faithful, sprinkle in their shoes
Mate Leaves
Insures marital; happiness when kept in the home
Queen Elizabeth Root
Brings love when given to another
Witches and Vampires avoid houses where this is kept
Queen of The Meadow
Banishes Ghosts from wherever this is kept
Worn about the neck to keep evil away and attract love
Queen's Root
A bit in a bag at the bosom attracts a lover
Aids in astral projection when placed near the bed
Carry to ease pains of pregnancy and childbirth
Used in the cauldron in casting spells and calling spirits

Rattlesnake Master
Turns curses back toward the one responsible

Mustard Seed
Legendary symbol of faith, and for good luck
Rattlesnake Root
Bury with image of an enemy to cause harm
Used in many sacred ointments, oils, and incense
Red Clover
A charm against witchcraft and the Evil Eye
Much money enters the doorway across which this is strewn
Rose Buds
Wear near the heart to attract men toward you

Nerve root
Carry or keep in the home to sooth and settle tensions

Rose Hips
Love surrounds the one who carries a few of these
Mix with Goofer Dust and sprinkle to remove stubborn spell
Sprinkle for luck, wear to strengthen heart and mind

Niger Seed
African love seeds, valued as powerful attracting source
Rowan Wood
Witches have no power over home where this is kept
Nutmeg of India
Should always be carried for gambling luck
Protects and brings love to the home
Brings holy blessings when mixed with any incense

Ruler's Root
Place at each corner of home to keep things favorable

Burn to locate a lover, or gain a marriage partner
Sacred Bark
Said to protect the wearer against hex spells
Oregon Grape Root
Carry in a red bag with Seal Of Fire to  gather the fruits of the earth, influence, power, popularity
Sprinkle  on an image to frighten a foe

Orris Root
A love symbol, carried to attract the opposite sex
Carry with a sacred scarab for powerful protective spell
Palma Christi Bean
Keep in the home in sealed bottle to protect the premises against witchcraft, Change once a month on first day.
Protects one against all  misfortune


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