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beverages and brews
Magic Potions Made Easy
by Patricia Telesco



The origin of root and herb sorcery is unknown, but the ancient Romans, Greeks, Celts, Druids, Arabs, Egyptians, Chinese, Africans, Indians and others, knew of the magical powers of roots, barks, herbs, plants, woods and berries. Many herbs are mentioned in the Bible. Man has carried roots and herbs as amulets and talismans for protection against evil, and many believe they can heal, bring good fortune, arouse a lover, bring back a wandering husband or wife, and make wishes come true. Remember, there are many different spells for most herbs, and each root or herb can be used for may various purposes, all of which cannot even begin to be mentioned here.

These items below are sold as curios only.
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Burn at midnight as an aid in calling up spirits

Frees one from the power and control of another                         

An aid in psychic development

Said to attract money and success, and to protect the body

African Ginger
Sprinkle in corners when working with spirits

Bay Leaves
Place in each corner of every room for protection

African Mojo Bean
Make a wish and throw in moving water

Where there's bayberry, there's good luck and money

Agar Agar
Place in water to keep away evil spirits

Burn with Mediation Incense to heighten psychic powers

Carry to defeat any foe one may encounter

Bear's Foot
Protects from all four legged animals

Ague weed
Burn to destroy an enemy's power to harm you

Mix with Protection Incense and burn to destroy evil forces

Mix with chopped onion and carry when gambling

Beth Root
Wear around the neck for good luck

Keep small packets in cupboard to insure against poverty

Relieves toothache and gives protection from evil

Wear in red bag around neck to protect from Evil Eye

Allegedly attracts great wealth to the possessor

All Heal
Carry to build the memory and strengthen the heart

Place under pillow to aid in forgetting a lost love

Boil and soak foe's picture in solution to cause trouble

Black Cohosh
Brew into tea and sprinkle to eliminate evil spirits

Scatter to the four winds to attract a lover

To cause foe anguish, mix with enemy's hair and bury

Burn in the home to attract the good spirits

Black Haw
Rids one of enemies when burned with Uncrossing Incense

Rub on the one you wish to bring closer

Black Snake Root
Carried to lead one toward money

Carry to ward off Satan's force and  to prolong life

Carry when traveling for a safe return home

Anise Seed
Burn or add to incense, as an aid to meditation

Blow Ball
Carry in small red bag to make every wish come true

bury with a black candle and image of an enemy to destroy their  power over you 

Blue Cohosh
Mix with Fast Luck Incense to attract quick money

Arabic Gum
Carry for good luck, or add to Fast Luck incense and burn

Toss on enemy's property to cause confusion and distress

Scatter outside door to prevent evil entering the home

Boldo Leaves
Strew in corners as a protection against witchcraft

Toss in the path of the one you wish to attract

Mix with Crossing Incense and burn to hex an enemy

Place  on enemy's property to keep him crossed

Burn outside the home to dispel demons

The "incense of the devil" wards off colds and evil

Broom Tops
Boil with salt and sprinkle to banish ghosts

Balm Gilead Buds
Carry to protect from a broken heart

Buchu Leaves
Place under pillow to bring dreams of the future

Mix with Black Arts Incense and burn to hex an enemy

Mortar & Pestle
A necessity for every herbalist or housewife who wishes to mix herbs or grind them into a powder.
Beautiful Marble about 5" tall, 4" in diameter with a 5 1/2" pestle for stirring up your own secret potions...


Carry For good luck and to ward off rheumatism.   $.50each

Add to bath water to wash away crossed conditions

Tea made from this is said to remove warts

Clover Tops
Charm against witches, demons, snakes, bad spirits

Buffalo Herb
A favorite of men who believe it increases strength

Said to bring comfort and solace to the possessor

Add to wash water to clean and purify

Wash bedposts with this tea to encourage sexuality

Burn and let the smoke permeate dolls for great powers

Colic Root
Wrap in black cloth and bury near doorway of an enemy to make him move away

Burning Bush
Fortune smiles brightly on one who carries this

Sprinkle money with this for increasing one's wealth

Button Snake Root
Make tea and sprinkle to attract business

Stuff a green doll with this to draw money and luck

A powerful controlling agent when rubbed on one's body

Stuff into mate's pillow to prevent wandering

Encourages prophetic dreams when placed in mattress

Couch Grass
Sprinkle under the mattress to promote romance

Boil and  place on table when you wish spirits to appear

A bit under the porch discourages visitors

Caraway Seed
Wrap in handkerchief and cary for safe journeys

Cruel Man Of The Woods
Said to bring harm to enemies of the owner

Carry as a talisman against illness and disease

Cubeb Berries
Carry to melt the coldest hearts

Cascara Sagarda
Carry to court to help win your case. Make a tea & add water to purify any room

Culver's Roots
Brings disaster if buried on one's property

Sprinkle in one's shoes who want to move away

Cumin Seed
Give to a lover to insure faithfulness

Celery Seeds
Burn with incense to attain great powers for casting spells

Mix with Jinx Removing Incense to drive away all evil

Psychic protection

Sprinkle in loved one's shoes to assure their fidelity

Add to lamp oil and burn to experience psychic wonders

An aphrodisiac and carried to bring marriage proposals

Wash hands in this before playing games of chance

Bury at northwest corner of home to draw favorable winds

Cherry Wood
Burn to attract spirits of the dead to send messages

Deer's Tongue
Men wrap in a red flannel bag and carry to attract women

Mighty aid for strength of mind body and spirit

Devil's Bit
Worn around the neck to drive away evil forces

Chewing John
Carry in the pocket when looking for a job

Devil's Shoestring
Rub on hands and control any woman totally

To draw a roaming lover, sprinkle on his clothes

Carried to counteract any spells attempted by sorcerers

Burn to bring a hex onto another person in the room

Dittany Of Crete
Burn with Sandalwood Incense

China Bean
Lucky talisman for those who wish to make a change

Dog Grass
Despair will leave where this  is strewn every 9 days

Add to Money Drawing incense for extra power

Mix with salt and place by bed for safe, restful sleep

Elm Bark
bury with a yellow doll to quiet slander against you

Wards off colds and protects one while asleep

Dragons Blood
Attracts good luck, and used in uncrossing

Burn in the bedroom to make one's dreams come true

Place in home to insure peace and tranquility

Fennel Seed
Popular with voodooists as an aphrodisiac

Earth Smoke
Boil with a black doll to bring ruin to a foe

Used as a head wash to ward of passions by demons

Burn to stimulate business and bring financial security

Five Finger Grass
Allegedly wards off any evil five fingers can do

Quiets nerves and protects the home where it is kept

Flax Seed
Sprinkle on steps to settle arguments between couples

Used as a facial rinse to aid the complexion

Ancient oriental tea for regaining one's passionate nature

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