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The origin of root and herb sorcery is unknown, but the ancient Romans, Greeks, Celts, Druids, Arabs, Egyptians, Chinese, Africans, Indians and others, knew of the magical powers of roots, barks, herbs, plants, woods and berries. Many herbs are mentioned in the Bible. Man has carried roots and herbs as amulets and talismans for protection against evil, and many believe they can heal, bring good fortune, arouse a lover, bring back a wandering husband or wife, and make wishes come true. Remember, there are many different spells for most herbs, and each root or herb can be used for may various purposes, all of which cannot even begin to be mentioned here.   

These items below are sold as curios only.
Do not consume internally unless otherwise stated.
Some Packets will vary in size, as some herbs are rare and much more expensive.
$3.00 Per Packet
A Generous Packet - Unless Otherwise Stated

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Calamus - A powerful controlling agent when rubbed on one's body

Calendula - Encourages prophetic dreams when placed in mattress
Cankerwort - Boil and  place on table when you wish spirits to appear
Caraway Seed - Wrap in handkerchief and carry for safe journeys
Carob - Carry as a talisman against illness and disease
Cascara Sagarda - Carry to court to help win your case. Make a tea & add water to purify any room
Cayenne  Sprinkle in one's shoes who want to move away
Celery Seeds  - Burn with incense to attain great powers for casting spells
Cedar  -  Psychic protection
Centuary  -  Add to lamp oil and burn to experience psychic wonders
Chamomile  - Wash hands in this before playing games of chance
Cherry Wood  -  Burn to attract spirits of the dead to send messages
Chestnut  -  Mighty aid for strength of mind body and spirit
Chewing John  -  Carry in the pocket when looking for a job
Chickweed  -  To draw a roaming lover, sprinkle on his clothes
Chicory  -  Burn to bring a hex onto another person in the room
China Bean  -  Lucky talisman for those who wish to make a change
Cinnamon  -  Add to Money Drawing incense for extra power
Cinquefoil  -  Add to bath water to wash away crossed conditions
Clover Tops  -  Charm against witches, demons, snakes, bad spirits
Cloves  -  Said to bring comfort and solace to the possessor
Cohosh  -  Wash bedposts with this tea to encourage sexuality
Colic Root  -  Wrap in black cloth and bury near doorway of an enemy to make him move away
Coltsfoot  -  Sprinkle money with this for increasing one's wealth
Comfrey  -  Stuff a green doll with this to draw money and luck
Coriander  -  Stuff into mate's pillow to prevent wandering
Couch Grass  -  Sprinkle under the mattress to promote romance
Cowslip  -  A bit under the porch discourages visitors
Cruel Man Of The Woods  -  Said to bring harm to enemies of the owner
Cubeb Berries  -  Carry to melt the coldest hearts
Culver's Roots   -  Brings disaster if buried on one's property
Cumin Seed  -  Give to a lover to insure faithfulness
Curry  -  Mix with Jinx Removing Incense to drive away all evil

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Shipping Information

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All Items Sold As Curios Only
I feel it most important to point out that most magicians, witches and occultists in general, believe in the law of Karma, which states that anything you do will come back to you three times over, whether it is for good  or evil. So, before you work any negative magic directed against someone, consider well.