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The origin of root and herb sorcery is unknown, but the ancient Romans, Greeks, Celts, Druids, Arabs, Egyptians, Chinese, Africans, Indians and others, knew of the magical powers of roots, barks, herbs, plants, woods and berries. Many herbs are mentioned in the Bible. Man has carried roots and herbs as amulets and talismans for protection against evil, and many believe they can heal, bring good fortune, arouse a lover, bring back a wandering husband or wife, and make wishes come true. Remember, there are many different spells for most herbs, and each root or herb can be used for may various purposes, all of which cannot even begin to be mentioned here.  

These items below are sold as curios only.
Do not consume internally unless otherwise stated.
Some Packets will vary in size, as some herbs are rare and much more expensive.
$3.00 Per Packet
A Generous Packet - Unless Otherwise Stated

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Balm Gilead Buds -
Carry to protect from a broken heart

Balmony - Mix with Black Arts Incense and burn to hex an enemy

Barberry -
Frees one from the power and control of another   

Basil - Said to attract money and success, and to protect the body

Bay Leaves - Place in each corner of every room for protection

Bayberry - Where there's bayberry, there's good luck and money

Bearberry - Burn with Mediation Incense to heighten psychic powers

Bear's Foot - Protects from all four legged animals

Benzoin - Mix with Protection Incense and burn to destroy evil forces

Beth Root - Wear around the neck for good luck

Betony - Relieves toothache and gives protection from evil

Bistort - Allegedly attracts great wealth to the possessor

Bittersweet - Place under pillow to aid in forgetting a lost love

Black Cohosh - Brew into tea and sprinkle to eliminate evil spirits

Blackberry - To cause foe anguish, mix with enemy's hair and bury

Black Haw - Rids one of enemies when burned with Uncrossing Incense
Black Snake Root - Carried to lead one toward money
Bladderwrack - Carry when traveling for a safe return home
Blow Ball - Carry in small red bag to make every wish come true
Blue Cohosh - Mix with Fast Luck Incense to attract quick money
Blueberry - Toss on enemy's property to cause confusion and distress
Boldo Leaves - Strew in corners as a protection against witchcraft
Boneset - Mix with Crossing Incense and burn to hex an enemy
Brimstone - Burn outside the home to dispel demons
Broom Tops - Boil with salt and sprinkle to banish ghosts - Boil with salt and sprinkle to banish ghosts
Buchu Leaves - Place under pillow to bring dreams of the future
Buckeye - Carry For good luck and to ward off rheumatism. 
Buckthorn - Tea made from this is said to remove warts
Buffalo Herb - A favorite of men who believe it increases strength
Burdock - Add to wash water to clean and purify
Burnnet - Burn and let the smoke permeate dolls for great powers
Burning Bush - Fortune smiles brightly on one who carries this
Button Snake Root - Make tea and sprinkle to attract business

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Shipping Information

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All Items Sold As Curios Only
I feel it most important to point out that most magicians, witches and occultists in general, believe in the law of Karma, which states that anything you do will come back to you three times over, whether it is for good  or evil. So, before you work any negative magic directed against someone, consider well.