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I am pleased to be able to offer you a large selection of Essential Oils. Essential Oils are derived from herbs and flowers and are used in the creation of soaps, perfumes, and potions. You may also use some of them in cooking, in a fragrant bath, potpourris, candle making  and on your light bulbs for fragrance in your rooms. Next to each of the oils , we have provided the traditional "magikal" meaning of the fragrance. I thought you might have some fun with these preparing your own magickal potions by mixing various oils  to spell out a special message.

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Khus-Khus  -  Khus-Khus

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I feel it most important to point out that most magicians, witches and occultists in general, believe in the law of Karma, which states that anything you do will come back to you three times over, whether it is for good  or evil. So, before you work any negative magic directed against someone, consider well.