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Have You Been Cursed?                          
By Keith Morgan

Contains much vital information for people who think they may be at the receiving end of a  curse


The Key Of Solomon The King
Translated and Edited from Manuscripts in the British Museum by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers. One of the most famous of all magical textbooks. The Key of Solomon the King, was translated by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers, who was a well known 19th century magician and head of the Order of the Golden Dawn.

by Anna Riva
The subject index will help you find quickly the assistance you need...from acceptance, adversity, blessings, courage, death, despair, faith, fear, forgiveness, gratitude, guidance, healing, hope, humility, justice, kindness, life, love, mercy, patience, regrets, spiritual growth, time, wisdom work, youth and age...hundreds of simple prayers, verses, and inspirational pieces from authors old and new, as well as miss riva's own distinctive contributions. 128 pages

Spellcraft Hexcraft and Witchcraft
by Anna Riva
All you need to know to cast spells...Lots of spells you can do the day you read this book. Explanation of many occult materials never before covered in any book! 64 pages illustrated!
Secrets Revealed!

Dreams & What They Mean To You
By Whippler

Compelling new insight into dreams and their meanings, featuring hundreds of dreams. Also includes the history and theory of dreaming, why we dream, dream symbology, visions, nightmares, how to keep a dream record and more.

Secrets of Gypsy Love Magick
by Buckland

From a customer:
Secrets of Gypsy Love Magick is a classic and a must-have for all witches and those interested in performing love magick. My own copy of this book is tattered and torn, the cover held on by tape, from so much use. This book have been a total inspiration to my personal practices.


Magical Aromatherapy
by Cunningham

Magical Aromatherapy is the gentle art of using the power of fragrance to enhance your life. It is the most natural form of magic, for its only tools are the scents of flowers, spices, herbs and essential oils. Natural perfumes are storehouses of energies which can bring: love, prosperity, happiness, psychic awareness, peace, protection. The age-old lore has been brought up to date in this practical guide to scent magic. There is noother book like this one. Paperback, 189 pages


Magical Oils A-Z
By Maria Soloman
This book covers charms, spells, rituals and formulas, all of which can be used by any person. Let the mystical powers of oils bring prosperity and balance to
 all aspects of your life.

160 pages



Your Lucky Numbers Forever
by Anna Riva

From birth through life, this book will guide you to your own personal number for any need you may have -- including dreams, inner self attributes, career choices, love characteristics, planetary influences on lotteries, games of chance, more!


The Magical Power Of The Saints
by Reverend Ray T. Malbrough

Learn how to evoke the saints for practical help in your life through prayer, candle burning & divination


Crones Book Of Charms & Spells
By Valerie Worth
(Formerly Crone's Book Of Wisdom)
Here is a charming book and poetic little grimoire of magical practices and rituals that reads  as if it were written in an earlier century. It gives you practical directions for carrying out numerous spells, charms, recipes or rituals...all of which takes their inspiration from nature and folklore. Concoct herb brews to strengthen passion. Inscribe talismans and amulets to gain wealth. Practice spells to procure your heart's desire.

How To Meet & Work With Spirit Guides
by Ted Andrews
Through these easy techniques you can learn to safely access and attune to beings such as guardian angels, nature spirits and elementals, spirit totems, archangels, gods and goddesses as well as family and friends, after their physical death.

Helping Yourself  With Selected Prayers
125 prayers, most are to saints. Plus prayers to make a fortune, win the lottery, draw money, for peace in the home, and others of various religious beliefs, spiritualism, and folk ways.

Instant Palm Reader
by Linda Domin
With this simple, flip-through pictorial guide, you can assemble your own personal palm reading, like a professional, almost instantly. The Instant Palm Reader shows you how your hands contain the picture of the real you -- physically, emotionally and mentally. More than 500 easy-to-read diagrams will provide you with candid, uplifting revelations about yourself: personality, childhood, career, finances, family, love life, talents and destiny.

Silver's Spells for Love
by Silver Ravenwolf
February 14 is fast approaching, and with it the inevitable books on spirituality and relationships. Silver Raven Wolf offers up her trademark humor in Silver's Spells for Love, the third installment in the Silver's Spells series. All sorts of spells are featured here, from traditional love potions to more culturally specific charms, such as one to arouse male couch potatoes. Best of all is Silver's spell for being sexy: "Learn to listen. That's it! That's the spell!"

Silver's Spells for Abundance
by Silver Ravenwolf
First in a new series by bestselling Wiccan priestess Silver Ravenwolf, this guide presents a crash course in prosperity magick that shows how to banish old debts, increase cash flow, and to get prosperity flowing to, instead of away from you.

Silver's Spells for Protection
by Silver Ravenwolf
Collects a variety of spells, rituals, and incantations based in the Wicca religion, designed for physical, psychological, and spiritual protection.

How To Voodoo & Hoodoo With Food

A Voodoo Cookbook

The Use Of Voodoo Potions And Herbs

by The White Witch Doctor


Voodoo Love Secrets


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