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The Psalm Workbook
This Large print King James version of the Book of Pslams contains nearly 400 simple rituals and procedures that can be used to help you accomplish anything you desire. Use the situational index provided to decide which psalm to pray for your specific need.
by Robert Laremy


Power Of The ORISHAS
During the slave trade, the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria who were brght to Cuba were forbidden the practise of their religion by their Spanish masters. In order to continue their magical and religious observances safely the slaves opted for the identification and disguise of the Orishas with some of the Catholic Saints worshipped by the Spaniards. In this manner they were able to worship their deities under the very noses of the Spaniards without danger of punishment.
by Migene Gonzalez Wippler

Working With Fairies
This is not a book about imaginary creatures of storybooks. It is about real fairies, potent beings of Earth, Air Fire, and Water, of plant, stream, rock, and place.
  • When, Where, and how to see fairies
  • Fairy Etiquette.
  • Planting a garden with flowers that attracts fairies.
  • Guided meditations.
  • Spells and potions to enable the sight.
  • Spells and rituals for working with fairies
by Anna Franklin


Herbal Magic
The art and practise of herbal magick, like withcraft itself, is rooted in antiquity. When worked correctly, it can assist an individual in such matters as attracting a compatible lover, landing the right job, changing a streak of bad luck into good, and even increasing one's health and wealth!
by Gerina Dunwich


Working With Your Guides
And Angels

A Number Of People See Angels And Hear Guides Or Long To Do So. For Many The Pressing  Question Is How to Use This Experience And Welcome Them Into My Life. All Questions Answered In This Book

by Ruth White

Wiccan Spell Book

The Wicca Spellbook

A Witch's Collection of
Wiccan Spells, Potions
and Recipes
by Gerna Dunwich

A Witch's Beverages And

A Witch's Beverages And Brews
Magick potions made easy

by Patricia Telesco

Protection Spells

Protection Spells & Charms

Protecting spells

by Jade

Complete Book Of Baths
It is important when taking a spiritual bath to understand that it is different from a regular bath. A normal bath is a necessary function that removes the dirt and grime of daily living, a spiritual or ritual bath has a totally different aim, to remove unwanted engeries and bafeful vibrations. In cluded are tried and true recipes.
by Robert Laremy

Protection & Reversal Magick
Protection & Reversal is a complete how to manual on preventing, defending, and reversing magickal attacks of any kind. You will learn to:
  • Set up early warning systems
  • Appease angry spirits through offerings
  • Perform daily banishings and make amulets that will prevent most attacks
  • Make magickal "decoys" to absorb attacks against you.
  • Summon guardian spirits or gods for help.
  • Bind, confuse, or exple a persistent enemy who will not leave you be.
by Jason Miller

Magical Rituals For Money
This is a book of easy- to do- spells to obtain money or good luck. These tradtional rituals and information have been used by practitioners for many generations. They have helped scores of people to improve their financial well being. Use them to help you obtain your goals.
by Donna Rose

Halloween Spells
Where did this autumn gaiety begin?  This book will guide you through the corners of time to uncover the history behind halloween Customs, Spells, Recipes
by Silver Ravenwolf


Mastering Witchcraft  by Paul Huson  $18.95 - A practical guide for witches, Warlocks, and Covens. This is one of the best how to manuals for those wishing to practice Traditional European witchcraft other than a new age religion. Instructs the novice step by step.


Charms, Spells,

Charms Spells And Formulas
Secrets of Hoodoo, gris-gris, doll magick, wicca, charms, spells and formulas
By Ray Malbrough

So You Want To Be A Witch?
So You Want To Be A Witch?
Explains in a simple & often light hearted  format what it is to be a witch, whether born or made.
by Keith Morgan

Caldron Of Dreams
Caldron Of Dreams
96 Pages
In this book ms. Dunwich does an excellent job at interpreting your dreams

by Gerina Dunwich

Tarot Spells
Tarot Spells
The key to your future is in the cards! Practical ways to make positive changes in your life using the power of the tarot.
by Janina Renee
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