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Here we list many other fine products that do not have a category, so we list them here, there are many hard to find and rare surprises ...  Enjoy browsing!

Do not consume internally unless otherwise stated.
These items below are sold as curios only.
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Black Cat Bone
Gambler's good luck

Bat Eye
Financial Security

Black Cat Eye
Luck, Charm, Protection

Swallow's Heart
Powerful love charm

Bat's Heart
Attracts luck when gambling
Devil Catchers

Take the cap off the bottle and leave in your
room to catch evil spirits that
may be bothering you.
Replace the cap after one week
and bury the bottle.
Magnetic Sand
for dressing lodestones, etc.
regular pk. - 1.25,  gold pk. - 1.75,  silver pk.  - 1.75

Please choose color
Choose one
Real Horseshoes For Luck
These are real horseshoes, not replicas! They come to
you clean and shiny, ready to put up over your door.
The horseshoe is regarded as a bringer of good luck.
Hang above your doorways to insure your luck
doesn't run out

4.75 each
Black Salt
sprinkle to keep away
any bad neighbors

Dragon's Blood Ink

Dove's Blood Ink

Parchment Paper
4 1/4 x 4x 6 - .50
9 x 12 - 1.00

Please choose size

Choose size
Crow's  Quill Pens
red - black - green - white

Please Choose Color
Please Choose Color
Occult Sprinkling Waters

  • water of Notre dame -  1.95 / 1 oz
  • holy water - 1.95 / 1 oz
  • peace water - 1.95 / 1 oz
  • glory water - 1.95 / 1 oz
  • war water (Mars water) - 1.95 / 1 oz
  • four thieves vinegar / 4 oz
  • damnation- 1.95  / 1 oz
  • black water  - 1.95 / 1 oz
  • Indian clear water - 1.95 / 1 oz
Please choose one
Controlling Oils

Special formula controlling oil!
Control all those situations and people in your
life that you thought were impossible.
4 oz bottles
3.95 each

Please Choose One
Conjure Bags
Conjure Bags

Made to order including a bottle of anointing oil especially
formulated for your bag. My special conjure bags
have been known to change luck, bring money, love,
protect against evil, bring gambling luck and
change your life for the better. 
These bags sometimes called QUAN-GA, MOJO,
Gris gris, Toby or Trick, are an important part
of VooDoo, Witchcraft and all magical practices.
Carry one with you at all times, If you do not see
what you need listed, please write and specify
your wants and I will especially prepare it for you.
These bags must be dressed
every 7 days with a special oil.
  • strong power - 20.00
  • super power  - 30.00
  • triple power - 55.00
  • mega power - 100.00
Please Choose Your Type And Your Strength

All Purpose conjure bag
Fast luck conjure bag
High John (Power) Conjure Bag
Jinx Removing Conjure Bag
Love Attracting Conjure Bag

Money Drawing Conjure Bag
Gambler's Special Conjure Bag
Bingo Conjure Bag
Protection Conjure Bag
Job Conjure Bag
Gay Conjure Bag
Male Or Female


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Shipping Information

To order products, or request a catalog:
 Mail in your order or request to :
Joan Teresa Power Products
 p.o. box 443
 Crystal River , FL 34423 

All Items Sold As Curios Only
I feel it most important to point out that most magicians, witches and occultists in general, believe in the law of Karma, which states that anything you do will come back to you three times over, whether it is for good  or evil. So, before you work any negative magic directed against someone, consider well.