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Here we list many other fine products that do not have a category, so we list them here, there are many hard to find and rare surprises ...  Enjoy browsing!

Do not consume internally unless otherwise stated.
These items below are sold as curios only.
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Rider - Waite Tarot Deck

This is the famous Rider-Waite deck and
the most commonly used.
Based upon
"The Pictorial Key To The Tarot"


50 cards, colors, and symbols  

Cobra Black Snake Pellets

12 pellets - 2.50
Used in rituals of Santeria & Voodoo
Spiritual Healings & Cleansing

Spirit Oil

This oil is to make things you want to have happen.
A very special oil  & very time consuming to make.
Write down your wish on parchment paper
and anoint with spirit oil and burn. 
Bury the ashes.  
$6.50  for 1/2 oz

Voodoo Dolls
From Haiti

A well known form of magic is working through a
doll to represent a person. The doll can be used in
many and various ways. To gain love, hex an enemy,
gain wealth, cure an illness, etc. All information is in the
VooDoo Handbook.

Voodoo doll complete with pins & Instructions

I want both the Doll and The Handbook
Voodoo Handbook Of Cult Secrets
by Anna Riva

  •     BlackMagic                               
  •     Serpent Worship
  •     Ceremonial Rites
  •     Spells
  •     Ouanga Bags
  •     Possession
  •     Unhexing
  •     White Magic


Handmade cloth dolls

order by color -
  • White - Reverses hexes, better health
  • Black - Hexing, protection
  • Green - Money, gambling, luck
  • Red - Love, attraction, sex
  • Yellow - Use to control others, breakup
Choose Color

Famous Voodoo Rituals And Spells
By Lampe

If you want to know all the secrets of Voodoo as
practiced in the U.S.A., this remarkable
handbook tells all! Bares closely
kept secrets known only to few!
Everything is named and
explained! Hundreds of Voodoo
ritual materials described
in full with exact instructions for their use.
Voodoo dolls,
oils, powders, potions, incenses, herbs,
roots, candles, charms, talismans,
Gris-Gris, love Ouangas and much
much more! Secrets of Voodoo
queens and medicine
men exposed.
All in this one complete book.

Power Roots
Lucky Hand Roots

This rare herb is a classic  "Voodoo" good luck herb,
It is said to have
spirits attendant upon it to
give one a helping hand.

Hi John The Conqueror

Carry for victory against all odds.

regular size 2.50

extra large size 4.00

Chewing John

Carry in the pocket while
looking for a job.
Low John

Protection & Luck.


Has many, many uses. Called the wonder of the
world root. Protect against harm.
It is said to cause money  to double.
Witches dearly love this plant,
sometimes called Mandragora.
Lucky Buckeyes

Carry this to ward off
and bring good luck.

.50 each
Adam & Eve Root

The Rare Adam & Eve Roots...
Not Imitation
Genuine, not the false.
Two roots, male and female.
These roots are said to magically maintain
the bond between two lovers.
It is said they  can draw back together a
man and woman who have drifted apart.
Simply write the name of the lover who
has drifted away,
on a piece of parchment, along with
your own anointing it with Adam & Eve oil.
Wrap the parchment around the joined roots
and carry in a small bag on your person
until your loved one returns
root - 5.50

oil - 5.75

Rune Sticks

One of the most ancient methods of fortune telling.
Any beginner can master this method.
You receive four Rune Sticks and full instructions.

Amazing Pendulum

Test your subconscious powers for predicting
future events with crystal pendulum.
Just ask a question...everything you need is included,
pendulum, instructions, and answer board.

Coffin Nails

instructions included

Planetary Charts

Correctly time your rituals.
Most important for
the successful ritual.



White, green, pink, black or red.
For shaping your own images
Choose Color

Wishing Beans

Make your wish and carry for 7 days.
See what can happen.

Purified Salt

For exorcism and other purification rites
Dead Sea Salt


Frankincense & Myrrh Powder
A self lighting compound containing pure resins.

2 oz. package

1 oz
Lucky Rabbits Foot
The fame of the lucky rabbits foot has been known for many
centuries and today is almost a universal token of good luck, health
happiness and success. This genuine rabbit's foot is specially mounted
so that it can be carried in the pocket,flannel bag or key chain.
Good fortune will be yours, touching it brings winnings.

Rabbit Foot - 3.50
Rabbit Foot & Good Luck Oil Set - 7.75

Please Choose
Pure Camphor

1/2 oz
Blue Stones

Horseshoe Magnets

Black Sand

Blue Balls

Peacock Eye Feathers

Keeps away evil
1.00 each

7 Holy Bath Spirit Baths
7 spirit bath oils, one for
each day of the week - a box of seven oils
7 Holy Bath Spirit Oil 4 oz

4 oz bottle
Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean,
wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow
Brass Light Bulb Scent Ring
with lamplighter scents


Worry Stones

Quartz Crystal rubbing stones
The worry stones can hold your problems
at bay. So use your thumb & forefinger
and rub your troubles away.

Sulpher Powder

Burn on Charcoal to get rid of evil.
2.75 pack

Hex Signs

1.00 each

  • #4366   Sunshine Joy Hex Sign
  • #4367...Good Fortune Hex Sign
  • #4368...Against Demons Hex Sign
  • #4365...All 3 Hex Signs ,  1.50
choose one

Loaded Nutmegs

Loaded For Your  Special Need.
Please Specify Which One
  • Gambling
  • Love Drawing
  •  Money
  • Psychic Development
choose one
Lucky Cat's Eye Shells

Carry In your pocket for Luck.
Poppets in a Bag

When you have troubles, share them with your dolls.
Remove one doll from the bag for each problem.
While you are sleeping the dolls will try to
solve your problems. Since there are only six dolls in
a bag, you are only allowed six troubles a day.

5 to a bag


1oz bags
Gold, green, red, purple,
silver, blue or multi
2.00 each
Choose Color

1" Sterling Silver

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All Items Sold As Curios Only
I feel it most important to point out that most magicians, witches and occultists in general, believe in the law of Karma, which states that anything you do will come back to you three times over, whether it is for good  or evil. So, before you work any negative magic directed against someone, consider well.